Kiwi Move Is Your Wearable Smart Personal Life Assistant

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With the ever-increasing hype over wearable tech, many of the products displayed at CES 2014 were part of this category. Gadgets that can be worn are becoming more and more popular everyday, with companies unveiling new products everywhere you look. But out of all these products, the most powerful and functional could be the small, understated, piece of plastic from the Canadian firm, Kiwi.

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The Kiwi Move is packed with sensors and has enough programmability to help with a variety of everyday tasks. The 28-gram device contains an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, thermometer and microphone. Besides these features, the Move has a built-in 2GB memory along with WiFi and Bluetooth to connect with the internet and other mobile devices.

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The most interesting fact about this gadget is that it is the first fully programmable wearable device, with only a few of the functions being preset. The simple “when/do” statements allow users to program the Move and teach it gestures to work the way they desire. The Move will use it’s sensors to identify conditions and context so it can conclude how to react according to the functions preset by the user. The Move can detect music playing in the background and give the track’s name and other relevant info. It can also be used as a game controller, advanced fitness tracker, managing your workout routine and diet, and also be used in other aspects of everyday life, including custom recipes and managing personal finances.

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The team at Kiwi will not be introducing their device to the masses yet. Instead, they will select potential developers and early users to unleash the full potential of the device before making it available in the market. Anyone can pre-order one of the limited early devices for $99 from the Kiwi website, with deliveries expected to be made in July. The devices are predicted to sell for a market price of $149.

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