Moment Lens Turns Your Smartphone Into A High End Camera

The Moment Lens 2

Smartphones are more than just phones nowadays. We use them as our mp3 players and we use them as our memory sticks. However, the most important way in which we use them is for photography.
The Moment LensSeeing this trend of using smartphone as a camera, a lot of companies have come up with gadgets that facilitate and enhance smartphone photography. Nowadays, we keep finding more and more gadgets which are designed to improve the photography experience with your smartphone. The latest installment is the Moment lens.

The Moment Lens 4They have already started a campaign on Kickstarter. Essentially ‘The Moment Lens’ is a clip-on accessory for your smartphone which enables your smartphone to capture high quality pictures without reducing the portability of the phone. The team has come up with two kinds of lenses that are compatible with iphone, ipad and Galaxy smartphones. The first one is a wide angle lens and the second one is a 70mm telephoto lens.

The Moment Lens 5 The Moment Lens 3The Moment lens is made of high quality optics that deliver supreme picture capturing ability. The most important part, however, is how it has been designed. The design makes sure that you never have to compromise on the portability of your phone and it is still carryable in your pocket.

Although these gadgets are really cool, we would say that the smartphone companies coming up with new models of smartphones everyday whose cameras are capable of this all without any additional accessory. But that’s just us, here are a few pics which were taken using this particular lens and the results are surely extraordinary.

Pics taken from The Moment Lens 2 Pics taken from The Moment Lens 3 Pics taken from The Moment Lens

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