Adrenalina – Hoodie That Allows You To Change Your Clothes In The Open

In action

If you are like other people (which includes us as well), you are probably quite shy when it comes to changing outfits when you are in the open. It is one of the most challenging situations you will ever come across and that is why the ‘Adrenalina’ hoodie has been invented. The key idea is to allow the users to change outfits a bit more conveniently without worrying about their modesty.

Adrenalina comes with two layers of shirt that will enable bikers, surfers and athletes to change on the go. The idea involves making use of the upper layer of shirt which is used as a modesty towel by letting it hang down below the waist and allows the wearer to change pants in a crowd or on the beach.

The Adrenalina can be considered as your changing room on the go. The inspiration for it comes from people who are into sports and are at times required to change clothes while they are in the open. The Adrenalina comes with a Velcro that, as mentioned before, can be pulled down to cover your private areas. It is made from cotton and for those of us who are into sports, they can relate how hard it is at times to change clothes after you are done with the activity.

AdrenalinaTo make it more useful, it comes with an LED light leash that will prove helpful in night or when you are looking for something in your car. The company is currently working to come up with an app which will allow for tracking and sharing your sport activity information.

Adrenalina and how to use itA Kickstarter campaign is being carried out and the unit is available for a pledge of $66.  The delivery will begin in April. Adrenalina has plans of incorporating the tracking information in the hoodie itself instead of the smartphone app.

Adrenalina and how to use it 2The company says; ‘When the hoodie was designed, we had loads of ideas about incorporating the digital technology in it. We are very eager to continue the development and the sensor incorporation could be the next step for the future project!’

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