New Case Makes Your Phone Record Your Blood Pressure, Lung function And Other Health Data

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Azoi is a health monitoring start-up that has introduced a new lightweight smartphone case embedded with sensors. It may sound like these sensors will help you monitor your phone’s performance but in reality, the Wello smartphone case monitors the smartphone owner’s performance.

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The sensors on the case measure blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, temperature and lung functions with great accuracy. The $200 case will be available for the iPhone 4, 5 and 5S. Other than these specified phones the case will work with any iOS or Android based device that has Bluetooth LE, the only drawback being that it won’t fit on the back of your phone.

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This gadget will have a great effect in both developed and developing countries. In developed countries, it will allow people improve their lifestyle and health, while in developing countries, the Wello case will provide facilities that aren’t as easily available. The statistics about global health problems are well known with the World Health Organization stating heart disease as the number one cause of deaths across the world. Hypertension affects nearly a billion people globally and 347 million people have diabetes.

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By simply monitoring their health data, people will be easily able to seek advice before having to face any serious medical issues. Wello is the first device of its kind that allows users to measure and record their vitals anywhere they go. Users simply hold their phone for 15 seconds while the hidden sensors gather information which is displayed to the user via the designated app. The Wello also connects with other health monitoring equipment, such as pedometers and sleep trackers.

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Azoi has been operating in stealth mode for the last two years and has just now come out with this amazing product which it has revealed to the world. With few contenders in the current market for a personal health monitoring device, the Wello smartphone case is a pioneer in the area where medicine meets gadgetry.

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