Forget Google Glass – Ear Switch Is Here

Ear Switch

Welcome to Hiroshima, Japan a business fair was held back in January and some really amazing gadgets were introduced to the public. Among many gadgets that we witnessed, there was a peculiar new gadget that reminded us right away of Joaquin Phoenix in film ‘Her’.


The creation comes from Kazuhiro Taniguchi who is a staffer at Hiroshima City University. This device, prototype so far, employs infrared waves in order to ascertain when the user closes or opens his/her mouth.  These detected movements and the respective commands are sent back to the device. So what we are looking at are applications that will allow the users to get information pertaining to traffic or even be able to get directions by turning their heads or biting down. The device is being called an Ear Switch which comes equipped with earpiece along with a compass, speaker, barometer, gyro sensors, microphone, battery and GPS capabilities.

At the end of the article, you’ll find a video that was posted by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications which shows Mr. Taniguchi with the device. This video is followed by another video which comes from Taniguchi’s own staff page showing us just how effortlessly the device works and can be used to guide a person in everyday chores while remaining tucked behind the ear.

Japan ProductsTaniguchi also speculates that Ear Switch can be used as a means to monitor the user’s health. So far, not many technical details have been released. However, we can hope that this device is more than just a brilliant idea and there’s a very good chance that it will soon become a reality. Despite the fact that visual devices are booming currently, Ear Switch is gaining some solid ground as well!

According to rumors, the developers are hoping to release a market ready version in 2015. Fingers crossed till then!
Check out the videos below for more information on the gadget:


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