This Amazing Briefcase Transforms Into An Electric Scooter

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Many people remember the world of The Jetsons, where the future was portrayed in a comical way, filled with talking pets and robot servants. As unrealistic as some of the things seemed back in 1962, technology is coming close to make a few aspects of Jetsons, a reality.

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One such example is the Commute-Case, a briefcase and electric scooter that will make commuting in the city streets, a whole lot easier. This real life electric vehicle folds up into a briefcase and can also be used as a trolley bag. The briefcase is also fully functional with enough space to hold your laptop and other office necessities.

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This amazingly compact electric scooter weighs only 27 pounds, and has a range of 25 miles. The case can hold up to 275 pounds of weight and has a top speed of 12.5 mph. It’s not the fastest thing on the streets, but it will make your commute in the busy city streets a lot less tiring. The whole device is weatherproof and has a manual handbrake just like the one on conventional bicycles. A cup holder and smartphone dock are also provided so you don’t have to worry about carrying your morning coffee and can easily check your phone on the go.

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The downside is that there is no proper seat available for the rider which can make long bumpy routes a little bit tougher. Another downside is the price tag of $6,000 which is pretty expensive for an electric scooter that can hold your laptop. But luckily Green Energy Motors is offering reserved units for 50 percent off, for the time being. You can also reserve your own Commute-Case for a refundable deposit of $149.75.

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The Commute-Case is sure to catch on in bustling cities with immense traffic, and hopefully an upgraded version will be available with a proper seat to make the ride a bit more comfortable. But even without the seat, this electric scooter-briefcase gets you to the office on time without any hassle.

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