Meta Is Reportedly Rehiring Workers It Laid Off In The First Place

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has begun rehiring workers it had previously laid off, signaling a significant shift in the company’s hiring strategy. After months of layoffs that saw 25% of its workforce depart, Meta is now inviting former employees to return to the fold, primarily focusing on engineering and technical roles.

Those who were let go by Meta since November now have the opportunity to reapply for available positions, facilitated through a dedicated “alumni portal.” The reintroduction of former employees into the workforce has been ongoing, with multiple reports of rehires occurring mainly since June, according to sources familiar with the matter. Meta, however, has declined to provide any official comments on this development.

While the company remains relatively restrained in overall hiring due to CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s “Year of Efficiency” initiative, there has been a noticeable uptick in recruitment for specific areas. Meta’s advertising business has exhibited positive trends, bolstered by user retention efforts and successful product launches such as Threads on Instagram. As a result, the company has job openings primarily in engineering, encompassing software, hardware, and AR/VR roles, as well as technical positions related to infrastructure and data centers.

It’s important to note that hiring in business roles, an area that bore the brunt of recent layoffs, remains limited. Additionally, the rehiring strategy predominantly targets individual contributors, as Meta has streamlined its managerial ranks. The company is also showing a preference for experienced candidates, reducing the recruitment of recent graduates and interns.

Those who are being rehired may face changes to their previous roles, including lower salaries or altered positions. However, some are optimistic about future compensation, particularly with Meta’s rising stock price.

Nonetheless, this rehiring strategy has generated mixed responses. Some former employees are being offered jobs that differ from their previous roles, often with reduced pay. For instance, some have been presented with contractor positions that offer 20% less than their previous salaries. This has prompted criticism from those who feel that Meta’s rehiring approach lacks consistency and fairness.

The move to bring back previously laid-off workers echoes strategies seen in other technology companies. Elon Musk’s attempt to rehire individuals he had previously let go at Twitter is a notable example. Similar to Musk’s efforts, Meta’s rehiring approach seeks to tap into the skills and experience of former employees who are already familiar with the company’s operations.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and employment, Meta’s decision to rehire some of its past workforce reflects the company’s adaptation to changing priorities and industry demands.

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