Watch A Bear Escape A Cage And Delay A Flight In Dubai

Iraqi Airways found itself in an unexpected scenario as a bear, transported on a flight from Baghdad to Dubai, managed to break free from its confines in the cargo hold, resulting in significant delays and a flurry of attention.

The incident came to light when a video circulated online featuring a male passenger narrating the unfortunate delay due to the bear’s escapade in the cargo area. Iraqi Airways swiftly responded by releasing a statement, expressing regret for the inconvenience caused to passengers. The airline acknowledged that the return flight to Baghdad experienced an unexpected delay of “over an hour due to a bear in the cargo.”

In another surfaced video, a bear cub was captured roaming outside its crate within the airplane cabin. Passengers can be seen attempting to soothe and pet the animal, reflecting concern and fascination.

To manage the situation, a specialist team in Dubai took charge of the bear, sedating it before removing it from the plane. Iraqi Airways provided further insight into the incident, detailing that the bear had managed to escape its crate “upon arrival at Dubai Airport.” The airline apologized to passengers, attributing the delay to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. It was clarified that the delay had been caused by a disruption in the cargo hold, which led to the bear’s brief escapade.

The airline’s statement emphasized that international animal welfare guidelines had transported the bear. The plane’s crew worked with UAE authorities, who dispatched a specialized team to safely sedate and relocate the animal. The situation was handled efficiently, with the aircraft thoroughly checked to ensure no damage had occurred. Subsequently, the flight was able to resume its journey back to Baghdad.

Despite the detailed account of the incident, Iraqi Airways chose not to disclose the purpose of the bear’s transportation to the United Arab Emirates, nor did they provide information regarding the bear’s well-being after its sedation and removal from the plane.

As more information emerged, it was revealed by the Iraqi transport ministry that there were, in fact, two bears onboard the flight. The ministry clarified that the bears were small and endangered; both had been transported from Baghdad. Upon arrival in Dubai, one of the bears managed to break free from its cage, necessitating intervention from health and environment authorities to sedate the animal.

The gravity of the situation prompted Iraq’s prime minister, Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, to direct an investigation into the bear’s escape. The prime minister’s office announced this move on Sunday, highlighting the seriousness with which the government treated the incident.

In a surprising turn of events, a seemingly routine flight turned into an extraordinary story, sparking discussions about safety protocols, animal transportation, and the unexpected challenges airlines might encounter.

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