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Is Your Computer Overheating A Lot? You Can Solve It By Stacking Copper Coins

Most of us engineers cannot think of a day away from our beloved machines.

The 24/7 use of our laptops often results in the overheating issue. In their bid to make the laptops smaller, slimmer and more slender, the cooling system of the computers is often designed such that it cannot handle a lot of heavy use. The result is an overheated computing system so much so that it cries out Touch-Me-Not.


Image Source: Suzuki Akinori


A Japanese Twitter user hit upon a brilliant idea to prevent the overheating issue in your laptop. All you need is to stack copper coins over it.  The thermal conductivity of copper is much higher than that of aluminum, which is used to make most of the laptop cases including the MacBook Pro.


Image Source: Suzuki Akinori


You need to stack quite a lot of copper coins on your laptop to make it work. The eccentric tip can save your laptop from excessive heating. However, you will need to comb your house and break your piggy bank as the tip needs quite a few coins to create a heat sink.

Another Twitter user used the same idea and put the copper coins inside the motherboard of his desktop to cool it.

Image Source: Suzuki Akinori


What ingenious technique do you use to keep your laptop calm and cool?