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Here’s How You Can Transform An Empty Lotion Bottle Into Something You Will Use Everyday

If there is one thing that annoys us as much as rubbish on the ground, it is the entanglement of wires. Most of us have experienced this anarchy over the years. Whether it is the jumble of charger wires, Headset audio cables, laptop ones or PC power cables, they annoy us the same, and we keep dreaming of the day when the wires are no more.

Although wireless technology is also progressing very fast and will soon be available in every gadget, here we are going to present you with another alternative to avoid lengthy smartphone charging cables. It can also go with your decoration too. Plus, it only requires an empty bottle of lotion or shampoo and we are good to go!

So, here it is.

We start with acquiring an empty lotion bottle. Johnson’s Baby Lotion can come in handy.

Now mark your desired length of the charging station with the help of a pen. Give your mobile, ample space here or otherwise it will fall off.

Use a craft knife to cut it across the marked path.

After that, cut a square from the back of the lotion bottle. This is where your charger-carrier will be inserted into the power outlet so that an appropriate size will be an advantage. Use sandpaper to remove the funky labelling.

Cut a large piece of fabric that can go all the way across the cut piece.

Cover what remains of the lotion bottle with adhesive like Mod Podge.

Then place the fabric on top of the sticky surface.

Trim away any fabric that is loose and encompass it completely.

For a more polished appearance, apply some fabric to the bottom as well.

The craft knife can cut away loose strings and pieces of cloth.

Here is the finished product. You can hang it from any terminal!