Apple Has Admitted To The iPhone 15 Having Overheating Issues

In response to reports from some iPhone 15 users regarding overheating issues, Apple has acknowledged the concerns and outlined the factors contributing to this problem while assuring users that they are actively working on solutions.

One of the identified causes of the iPhone 15 running warmer than usual is the increased background activity during the initial setup or restore process. This is particularly noticeable during the first few days after setting up or restoring the device when the iPhone 15 is downloading and installing data and apps from the previous device. While this is a normal and expected occurrence, it can result in the device feeling warmer.

Apple also revealed a bug in iOS 17 that affects some users and leads to overheating. The company is committed to resolving this issue through an upcoming software update. Additionally, certain third-party apps, including Asphalt 9, Instagram, and Uber, have been identified as overloading the system and causing higher temperatures. Apple is actively collaborating with these app developers to release fixes for this problem.

Contrary to speculation, the new titanium material used in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max is not the cause of the overheating issue. Apple clarified that the titanium design is actually more efficient in dissipating heat compared to the previous stainless steel models. This overheating problem has also been reported by iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus users who do not have titanium in their devices.

Apple cautioned users about the use of larger USB-C power adapters exceeding 20W, as they can cause a temporary increase in temperature. However, it emphasized that this does not pose a safety concern, as the iPhone 15 automatically regulates its power draw according to the USB-C PD standard.

Apple assured customers that the iPhone 15 has built-in safeguards to avoid overheating, guaranteeing there is no threat to long-term performance or user safety. Users are asked to contact Apple Support if they have any issues with their devices as the company is aggressively trying to fix the overheating problem.

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