Apple Will No Longer Fix The $17,000 Gold Apple Watch

In a recent development, Apple has officially classified its initial series of Apple Watches, often referred to as “Series 0,” as obsolete.

This designation revealed through an internal memo obtained by MacRumors, marks the end of an era for the first-generation Apple Watch, which made its debut in 2015, offering a range of options, including the standard Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and the extravagant 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition, priced as high as $17,000 for affluent buyers.

With the classification of the aging smartwatches as obsolete, Apple has made a significant decision. This means that Apple Stores and authorized service providers will no longer provide parts, replacements, or any service for these early Apple Watch models. In essence, support for the oldest Apple Watch devices has ended.

This move arrived five years after Apple ceased offering software support for these same Series 0 devices. The discontinuation of software support and the recent classification as obsolete underscores Apple’s commitment to advancing its product lineup and focusing on newer technology.

While Apple has not disclosed the exact number of Apple Watch Editions sold, discontinuing the luxurious gold variant only a year after its launch suggests a shift in consumer preferences.

In response, Apple introduced a ceramic alternative to the gold Apple Watch Edition, retaining the same name but significantly reducing the price tag to $1,299. The company also expanded its offerings to include gold-colored Apple Watches starting at $349.

Over time, Apple continued to refine its smartwatch lineup, eventually discontinuing the premium ceramic Apple Watch with the Apple Watch Series 6 introduction. The company diversified its materials, offering options in aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium.

While Apple’s website has yet to reflect the recent classification of these first-generation smartwatches as obsolete, it is anticipated that this information will be updated soon, providing users with clarity on the status of these devices.

Apple’s latest addition to its smartwatch family, the Series 9, was unveiled just last month. This newer model boasts enhanced power and features compared to the initial Apple Watch, with a starting price of $399. It is worth noting that the latest iteration does not feature the luxury of gold. For those seeking even more advanced features, a larger display, and improved battery life, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is available at a higher price of $799.

As the technology giant continues to advance its smartwatch offerings, consumers can expect a wider range of options with varying features and price points.

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