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Make Your Backyard Awesome With These 32 DIY Ideas

Having a backyard in your home means that you have a dedicated space for sitting in your leisure time. Here is a list of 32 amazing ideas that you can implement even if you are not very good with a hammer. The idea is to transform the backyard from just a backyard into something that is wonderfully amazing.

32. Build little hideouts by just using hula hoops and shower curtains.

31. Repurpose old windows to build a mini-greenhouse.

30. Give kids a place to play by setting up a chalk board outside.

29. Build an extra seating area by using cheap pallets.

28. Use salad bowls to make a DIY set of speakers.

27. Build a game of Twister on the lawn.

26. Build this lounge area on your porch so you can really enjoy it.

25. Hack and IKEA table to make an outdoor stove.

24. Build a simple bar for entertainment.

23. Having your own pizza oven in the back yard would be heaven.

22. To make a simple canopy, just put a sheet over a line strung between trees.

21. Make a simple shower in the back yard using a hose.

20. Help your indoor kitty get some sun by building a walkway.

19. Get some neighborly help and build a simple gazebo for everyone to enjoy.

18. Upcycle used tires to make a playground.

17. Build simple, rustic coffee tables out of whiskey barrels.

16. Build some small teepees for backyard fun for the kids.

15. Use a trampoline instead of a diving board in a pool.

14. Go camping in the backyard using some tents and pillows.

13. Create a sofa on the lawn (maybe not for the faint of heart).

12. Make a beach in the back yard.

11. Make wine bottle tiki torches for a night party.

10. Relax in a giant hammock swing you can make.

9. And if you don’t want to spend too much money, try this cheap fire pit.

8. Build a fire pit in the back yard.

7. Make a giant Scrabble set.

6. Convert an old bunk bed into a stargazing lounge.

5. Put marbles in your fence’s holes (or drill them yourself).

4. Add a beer cooler to a patio table.

3. Build a simple treehouse for kids or adults.

2. Plant giant allium flowers to make your backyard look like something out of Dr. Seuss.

1. Set up a lounge movie theater in the backyard using floor cushions.