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25 Redneck Lifehacks You Wish You Had Known Earlier

There are times when you’re stuck with something and in dire need of a fix. Those are the times when you need to make use of your creative side and come up with something that will help with what you have at your disposal. Check out the following 25 such scenarios!

25. Beer Cooler

24. Swimming Pool

23. Visor

22. Drink Holder

21. Mixer

20. Makeshift VIP

19. Smoke Alarm

18. Bunk Beds

17. Hammock

16. Pizza Slicer

15. Rooftop Slide

14. Family Van

13. Water Skiing

12. Hot Tub Swing

11. Car Stereo System

10. Flat screen

9. Side Mirror

8. Toilet Scooter

7. Beer Cooler

6. Hanger Light

5. BBQ Grill

4. Plastic Fork Razor

3. Leaf Blowing

2. Muffler Fix

1. Roof Deck