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Teen Buys An Old Warehouse And Converts It Into An Amazing Photography Studio

Having a hobby is great and having a profession that is your hobby is phenomenal. Meet Jemma Stanley who is a young photographer and has been saving for years to come with her own photography studio from where she could operate on a professional basis. She gave up on higher education once she became dissatisfied with it and ever since then, has been putting all her effort and energy into reaching her dream and goal. She purchased a warehouse with her savings and what she did afterwards will simply amaze you.

Read on and let us know what you think of it.

The original state of the warehouse when renovations began!

The first step was to construct walls that would subsequently create multiple rooms in the space she had available.

Drywall was added.

Looks quite good, however, a lot of work is still required.

The original walls were in a very bad condition. She stripped off the old paint.

Paint. Paint. Paint and then paint some more.

Hardwood flooring was installed because she didn’t like bare concrete floor.

At the end of 12 weeks of work that included design, building, painting and installing, her work finally paid off!

She now has her own amazing photography studio.

She has successfully managed to convert the old warehouse into a studio of her dreams.

She plans to use this for the pursuing of her passion and to get her business to flourish.

The transformation is so amazing that the warehouse is hardly recognizable!