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Here’s How You Can Create A Unique Phone Case From Your Empty Beverage Can

When it is full, we would advise you to keep that beverage away from your phone as much as possible. When you have finished it, and your phone isn’t looking any better with the same unicolor case like everybody else, I suggest you might be doing something good with this cool phone case DIY we have got over here!

The list of things you require for this DIY

Us the tin cutting knife to remove the top and bottom of the can

Trim it along the side as well. You must be mindful of the design you want to feature on the back of your phone and don’t ruin it.

Now roll it out and lay it flat. Use a flat sided trimmer of your tin cutting X-facto knife to trim the edges to the right shape.

Now secure the sides with tape and let it remain there for some time.

Cut the mass-produced good-for-nothing phone case’s covered area before measuring its insides for its area.

Place your case on top of the tin foil from the can face down

Use the case to measure the camera hole to the exact dimensions. And then cut it out.

Now fold the edges of the aluminium case in line with the aluminium.

Add an adhesive strip to each side

Now fold over and use the store bought case again to measure the corners. Right dimensions are everything.

Apply more adhesive strips and fold the measured corners.

The adhesive will keep the whole thing secure and steady on top of your phone.

Now this is what you call a unique phone case!

Yeah. If you don’t like this beer can, you can always use another one with the material that you like. But all the basic steps involved are pretty much the same. Also, it has a sturdy strength from the back. That plastic one you used in this case, wouldn’t have lasted one drop from 5 feet, but this aluminium one can!