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Feeling Cold? Make Your Own Heater In Under A Dollar With This Simple Trick

DIY Heater – Alcohol, Metallic Can and Toilet Roll5

Winters are here and not all of us can afford keeping the heat turned on all the time. This is where YouTube user DesertSun02 waltz comes in with this amazing DIY homemade metal can air heater.

It makes use of alcohol, a metal can and a toilet roll. The end product can even be turned into a stove, that too with ease. It will allow you to heat your small space during an emergency/SHTF, hiking or camping etc.

The cans that were used in the video were of Progresso soup, quart paint and gallon paint. The fuel being used was 70% isopropyl alcohol. The cans that were used for the conversion of heater into a stove were the Del Monte spaghetti sauce cans. Check out the youtube video below and see for yourself: