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Guy Had A Boring Backyard. What He Transformed It Into Will Leave You Jealous

When DIY Redditor darestevens found out that he had contracted Skin Cancer, he wanted to make something for his family worth remembering and enjoyable at the same time. The plain old backyard behind his house seemed a good place to start, and he put on his overall and went to work. He wanted to transform it into a magical place for his kids to play and bounce around and provide a place for him and his wife to rest under the starry sky.

Since he was undertaking a battle of nerves against his deadly disease, it provided him something to focus his energy on and a sense of purpose as well. The outcome of his complete makeover was simply mesmerizing.

This is the backyard before he had a go on it:

The yard a step-up too, so it had basically two levels.

There is nothing like good planning, so he sat down and made a cardboard model of what he had in mind. It helped him scale everything down to size and make appropriate measurements.

Now he began construction and at the start, he laid down a deck.

Now he added a canopy above the deck.

The canopy was reinforced with steel to make a lasting structure.

The flooring was added, and the roof was sealed. But, there is a lot more to come from this chap. Just wait and see!

The step up was raised and converted into an area that could be good for gardening and his daughters to practice their football skills.

But what to do with the leftover space?

Now he gets to work on that. What is that going to be?

It was a playhouse for his adorable daughters.

An indoor space and a small deck make up the playhouse.

Underneath the playhouse is more fun with a sandbox and a black chalkboard.

After completion and decoration, it looked like a perfect getaway for his daughters.

He also installed a gate to separate from the street. Parents can’t help feeling insecure about their children!

Afterward, he added a trampoline, beautiful plants and other cozy things to make it even more amazing. The new lighting system lit the whole place up in the night.

Whoa! The completed yard seems something like a personal amusement park.

Despite the steel and wood addition, there is still a plenty of room left for plants and flowers.

I can’t believe how something this incredible can be made and fitted inside such a small space.

Hats off Stevens and may you win your battle against cancer! If you have more questions regarding his garden makeover, you can see more of his work and try to make contact with him. Maybe you have ideas that can make an even better yard than this!