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10 Hacks That Will Make You Sleep Better During Summers

Summers are upon us and while this means that you will be enjoying the warmth of sun (haha, not so much really) along with your three quarters and visits to beaches, it also poses a problem. Yup, not all of us have or can afford air conditioners and that is where the summers become a living hell. We have compiled a list of 10 DIY tricks that you can use for getting a good night’s sleep even during high temperatures. With a little bit of scientific know-how and some creativity; you will be able to achieve a content and fulfilling sleep.

10. Cool The Central Core

You’ll need a 2-liter bottle for this hack to work. Fill it with water and freeze it. Now slide it into a pillow case and hold it to your chest like a cuddle bear and that’s that. This will cool down the central core thus resulting in a good night’s sleep.

9. Spray Bottle and A Fan

Fill spray bottle with water and set it to the finest mist. Whenever you get hot, simply spray yourself and the sheet with the cold water that’s inside the bottle and use the window fan to blow air at you. This air shall chill you and you can sleep like a baby!

8. Talcum Powder

Yeah, this works. Simply sprinkle some talcum powder on your sheets and voila!

7. Do It Like British Did

When they were in sub-continent, the British made use of natural fabric (cotton, linen) and would leave the ends in a bucket full of water. The water wicks up the fabric and breeze from an open window (or a fan) will help in bringing down the temperature of the room.

6. Using Fans To Your Advantage

If the temperature outside is lower than the temperature inside; simply set your window fan so that it draws the cool air in. You would be amazed at how soon the temperature of the room drops down to the sleeping-peacefully-temperature.

5. Makeshift Air Conditioner

Take a block of ice and place it in a pan that is large enough to collect the water as a result of ice melting. Place it in front of the fan and lie down in front of the fan’s air throw.

4. Create Air Flow

You basically need two window fans for this to work. You’ll be setting up the fans so that one of them is drawing the cold air in while the other one is venting hot air out. If you can manage the fan to be at a height – the one that’s venting hot air out – the results would improve considerably.

3. Precaution Is Better Than Medicine

Make sure that your home is draped during the day. Keep the curtains shut and have the blinds closed. As soon as the sun goes down, open the windows and let the fans draw cool air in and vent hot air out.

2. Get a hammock

A bit of science can save you from heat – hot air rises and therefore the closer you are to ground; better chances of being more comfortable! A hammock would make allow for amazing airflow and shall keep you close to ground as well.

1. Switch Off Gadgets

Yes. Why? Because they are giving off heat that is contributing to your room’s temperature so the lesser the better. Switch off and unplug those you can do without and try to keep the room as gadgets-free as possible to enjoy a good night’s sleep.