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30 Creative DIY Ways To Make Something Useful From Old Stuff

We all have tons of old stuff in our homes that we either dispose away or store in our backyards. However, with a bit of creativity and ingenuity, you can make cool things out of these old things and make them works of art. Check out a few of these ideas that we have summed up for you today. If you know of any other cool uses or ideas, drop a comment in the comment section below!

1. Bicycle Wheel Into Clock

2. Old Bulbs As Lamps

3. Convert Old Suitcases Into Comfy Chairs

4. Ladder Bookshelves

5. Old English Styled Bathroom Using Old Bicycle

6. Hat Lamps

7. Racket Mirrors

8. Piano Bookshelves

9. Bottle Chandelier

10. Old Television Into Aquarium

11. Old Desk Into Baby Bed With Posts

12. Use Old CD Cases to Organise Cables

13. Fridge as Storage Space

14. Broken World Globe Lamps

15. Hanger Racks

16. Kitchen Kettle Flower Pots

17. Kitchen Utensil Lamps

18. Kitchen Lamps Using Kitchen Utensils

19. Pipe Coat Racks

20. Convert Old Picture Frame Into Serving Trays

21. Vintage Ladles

22. Old Bottle Lamps

23. Glove Bears

24. Old Book Rack

25. Old DVD Cases to Store Bagel

26. Old Credit Card Picks For Guitar

27. Plastic Spoon Chandelier

28. Wooden Pot

29. Wooden Chair Wardrobe

30. Wrench Hangers