15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas That You Can Use To Surprise Your Loved Ones

15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas3

Holiday shopping season is upon us all! Some of you will be receiving a bunch of gifts while others will be giving away many gifts. There is an oft-repeated fact that what you’re gifting is not more important than how you pack it. People who go to an extra mile in wrapping gifts creatively, are full of different ideas they can use on different occasions.

However, it is not uncommon that you run short of art supplies to give that gift box a prettier look. This does not mean you are left with no option, for creative people can give out their best with minimal resources too, so if you started observing what you have and how you can put it to smart use, you’ll be surprised by the results. Running to a nearby shop to fetch a wrapping paper is not always possible, so making one yourself is an amazing way to impress your beloved. It will also covey a feeling of great concern. You can also check out these wrapping sheets here for a ready-made solution

We decided to compile a list of 15 great wrapping paper ideas for you to make use of. Go on, check out the list and let us know what you think about it.

15. You can use paint and soap to create a bubble print wrapping paper15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas15

14. Gentle and checkered wraps by using tissue paper and an iron15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas14

13. Chalkboard gift wrap – Black paper with white paint pen15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas13

12. Potato stamps decorated with white paper and colored ink pads15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas12

11. Use finger paints to come up with a cool gift paper15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas11

10. Old magazines recycled into fun bows15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas10

9. Glitter accent on brown paper via scissors15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas9

8. Add photo accents to give a personalized look to the package15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas8

7. Use a rolling pin covered with textured material and apply paint on it, then followed by rolling it over simple paper to come up with an amazing design15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas7

6. Ethereal wax paper bow goes a long way15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas6

5. Glued pom-poms stuck to simple paper makes the gift wrap uber cool15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas5

4. Got friends who love to travel? Use a map for gift wrap15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas4

3. Go with a scented gift wrap15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas3

2. Doodle a bow on the gift box if you don’t have a gift wrap15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas2

1. Use doilies instead of gift tags15 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas


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