What This Dad Made Using Food Colour And Snow Is The Best Winter Gift You Can Give

DIY ice project cover

Making  people happy is one thing, and making those happy who are caught in some kind of suffering is another. Cancer is a deadly disease, but the intensity of the patient’s tormenting experience fluctuates depending upon how well they are treated. It’s also an opportunity for the patient’s family members to bestow their love upon the patient. The disease brings with itself a range of emotions that both the sufferer and keepers go through.

Patients are often taken for granted. They are commonly perceived as weak in willpower and perpetually morbid. However, that is not always true. In novels, movies and even reality, we have been identifying instances of people fighting with unflinching courage in the face of deadly diseases. Their partners and significant others contribute to a great extent in boosting their morale. We have brought to you one such story in which a father undertakes a backyard project to make his cancer-inflicted daughter happy. The pictures below will explain it all.

Guy used thick gloves to help him freeze colored water blocks in his backyard.

DIY ice project

Every morning he would make more and more blocks and stacked them at a side.
DIY ice project 1
And finally the fun part began.
DIY ice project 2 DIY ice project 3 DIY ice project 4 DIY ice project 5 DIY ice project 6 DIY ice project 7 DIY ice project 8 DIY ice project 9 DIY ice project 10 DIY ice project 11 DIY ice project 12 DIY ice project 13 DIY ice project 14 DIY ice project 15 DIY ice project 18 DIY ice project 19 DIY ice project 20
sn’t it pretty cool? Share this with people who are suffering from deadly diseases like cancer and play your part in the fight against cancer!


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