Here Are 18 Survival Tricks Every Explorer Should Know

The wilderness experience is fun to enjoy and meditate, but it also immensely tricky to live in, especially if the weather gets to you or if you find yourself short of necessary survival tools. To survive there, you would need some creative improvisational skills. Here are eighteen tricks that can prove handy in the wilderness at one point of your stay or another:

1. Using AAA batteries as AA.

There are many obsolete electronics like your old AM radio, for instance, that only uses those bigger AA batteries. You can use the regular AAA batteries in the place by using wound-up aluminium foil.

2. Always keep a 20$ or equivalent local currency along with the battery in your mobile at all times. That way you can spend it if you are in immediate need of cash.

3. Take a few crayons along with you. They hardly take any space, and they can burn well too.

4. Keep rolled-up tissue paper dry by making a makeshift tissue holding dispenser.


5. If you need to cross a water body, you can make a floating mass by covering a bunch of twigs and branches with a waterproof sheet.

6. Keep your spices and salt water proof in tic-tac packages

7. Keep Mosquitoes and other irritating bugs away with the help of a mixture of brown sugar, yeast and water.

8. Make an ultra-bright lantern from a headlamp and a white milk/water bottle.

9. If you experience a flat tire and no alternative is available, fill it with grass and you can drive it for some miles.

10. Glow-in-the-dark sticks are always useful, especially while commuting at night.

11. If you forgot to bring matches with you, you could use the magnifying ability of near-sighted glasses to start a fire!

12. Use trash bags as emergency rain coats

13. With a pair of scissors, you can make fishing hooks out of tin cans.

14. Afraid of getting frostbite? Apply baby oil on the exposed area.

15. Put the candle in a tin container for a lasting flame.

16. If you are navigating across unfamiliar terrain, keep a chalk in your pocket and put markers every hundred yards or so, this will help you find you way back!

17. Can’t open a stuck jar due to cold hands or jammed cap? Grab your duct tape and do this!

18. Can’t jumpstart a fire and no fuel is available, dip a cotton pad in vaseline and throw it in the fire. It burns efficiently.

Which of these hacks did you find useful?