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Make An Electricity Generation Setup At Your Home Using Your Bicycle

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This particular DIY project that will be covered in this post is more than just a fancy DIY. It will help you workout (lose weight) and it will help you harness that energy into electrical energy which can be then used for charging your cell phone. The idea is to attach a bike to a generator and pedalling the bike will result in generation of electricity. In simple terms, the system works as follows; the back wheel of the bike has been attached via fan belt to and spins the DC motor, the motor has been connected to a charge controller which is then connected to a lead-acid battery and finally, the battery is connected to an inverter where you can plug the charger and charge your cell phone. What follows is a list of basic items you will need followed by steps that will help you grasp how this DIY is built and works;

Step 1: Let’s Begin

The idea is to place your bike in such a manner that your rear wheel is lifted off the floor and doesn’t come in contact when the bike is being pedaled. You will make use of wood to make stands for the bike to rest on and can even opt for a board to which you may attach the bike. The metal road comes in handy at this point. The rear tyre has to be removed from the wheel.

Step 2: Fan Belt – Motor Assembly

Next step involves attaching the fan belt to the motor and for that, you will need to attach the pulley to the motor. After the pulley has been attached, the fan belt is wound between the wheel and pulley. The motor needs to be aligned with the rear wheel and needs to be screwed down to the board while maintaining maximum tension in the fan belt; this ensures better workability.

Step 3: Motor to Charge Controller

The next step is attaching the charge controller to motor. Charge controller will ensure that the current which is flowing to the battery is regulated. Subsequently, it prevents overcharging and depletion of the battery.

Step 4: Charger to Battery

Now the next step is to install battery and attach it to the charger. Choosing the right battery is ideal (refer to the list of items). You also need to ensure that your battery remains undisturbed while you are pedalling so as to make it last longer.

Step 5: Battery to Inverter

An inverter is crucial since the current coming from the motor is DC and our devices require AC current. So basically, the inverter converts DC current to AC current. Apart from that, it works to provide an interface using which you can charge your devices.

That’s about it and you own your own bike generator that will help you charge your cell while letting you workout. Try this out at home and let us know how it worked for you!

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