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Architect Builds A Luxury DIY Pool In His Backyard Using An Old Dumpster

Beating the summer heat is not as simple as it should be. If you run the AC all day, it will put a huge burden on your pocket and not everyone is lucky enough to live near the cool waters of the oceans. This German architect who resides in New Orleans, Louisiana did something really cool to beat the summer heat. His project is super cheap and only used a dumpster as the main tool.

He used an old dumpster and an excavator to build his own backyard pool. By the time he was finished, his neighborhood was calling him a genius. We will tell you the steps he followed to build your own DIY Luxury pool.

First, make sure the dumpster is free of any dents. Clean the dumpster with anti-corrosion paint.

Dig a hole in the ground where your dumpster is going to fit. Use an excavator to take the mud out and fill that hole with limestone. This will protect the soil underneath.

For the interior, use half-inch, high-density foam insulation. Inside of the pool will be lined with it so it would be soft. Use a custom fit blue pool liner, similar to the one found in the above-ground pools.

For the exterior, use some special wood and give it a Japanese bath look.

The wood used by the architect was pressure-treated pine board. There were enough of them that he designed a deck along the side of the pool.

The wooden boards are easily removable so that if you want to change the look after few years, you can do that easily.

The pool can be kept clean easily by a filtration system. The system will be connected to the home water supply that allows fresh water to be pumped in easily.

This project might be unusual but it shows that to make a dream come true all you need is a little ingenuity and skill. With only $5000 and his skills, Stephan was able to make a luxury pool for himself. And now you also know what you need to do to own one!