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Check Out These 16 Ugly But Functional DIY Fixes

Which one are you? The one who has to do it perfectly or the one that just needs to do it so that the task at hand is over? Nonetheless, we have put together a list of DIY fixes that are terrible and only work in a strict ‘technical sense’.

1. If you have a drill press lying around, then you don’t need to buy a stand mixer!

2. Need to fix the pot handle? Try using the sofa leg!

3. Bungee cord will always help in such situations!

4. This was the easiest fix, right?

5. When it comes to makeshift solutions, this is probably the best weather stripping.

6. When the car key fob begins breaking down, one must do everything to make it survive.

7. Well, it serves the purpose. Doesn’t it?

8. This family didn’t bother buying a fancy stroller!

9. This is the kind of ingenuity you need when design goes wrong.

10. This must have taken some serious skills!

11. Paperclips to the rescue! We all know that finding a matching drawer handle is impossible.

12. Tire treads are the latest trend on job sites, and they can help you prevent slipping as well!

13. The upholstery shop was charging $550, and the guy fixed it for $5.50.

14. This is a well-thought repair of a leaky ceiling! 100 points for creativity!

15. Zip ties are the best thing, right? Seriously, is there anything that they can’t do? You can see them here perfectly holding the bumper together!

16. Okay, we would like to take our words back. Trying to hold a tire that has torn is asking a bit too much of the zip ties. It might work for a while but not for long term. Not to mention, the subsequent accident could be disastrous!

So, what do you think of this DIY list? Do let us know if you have a DIY entry that can be added to this list!