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See How This Plain Truck Was Converted Into An Awesome Camper Paradise

Oh, it’s another truck with a million miles on the meter and a weather-beaten body. Many of you won’t purchase it for eight hundred dollars. But, once you look at what this DIY specialist had to say about it, the explorer inside you will be willing to put good money on the table for it! The need for this vehicle is more than simple recreational activities and camping.

I mean this car can go offroad around improvised tracks, and it is fully equipped to handle steep ascent too. The problem with these extreme places is that more often than not, there is no good hotel or inn nearby to spend the night comfortably. This is where its retrofitted amazing cabin comes into play.

This Reddit user had some serious innovation in mind and went to work on his truck.What he achieved, was nothing short of luxurious for an explorer.

Here is the war horse. It has seen better times.

Leaves and rubbish fill the rear. It needs some serious cleaning to do.

The grill was the first one to change. It was taken out and spray painted to perfection.

A loose headlight needed refurbishment. Zip lines were used for a good cause.

It looks better already!

The Tent from Wilder Nest was installed on the top.

These are some amazing tents that became very popular in the 1990s as they were made of some good stuff and could be hoisted on top of a truck. They are still available second hand in the market.

A mattress placed at the folding-put area creates space for second person

The Wilder Nest when hoisted on top, provides ten feet of comfortable room upwards. You can easily stand up if you want to. It is very useful, as standard metal cabins can’t provide that kind of space. We can remove it when we want to and hoist it back up for a nightcap.

A carpet was added on top of the floor to make it cozy.

Wooden shelves with easy access were installed on the sideways.

The shelves were covered with carpet to create a unified style throughout.

More shelves and fancy lights were installed.

An air mattress and sleeping bag can be fitted in the space between.

The second and first sleeping area are seen together.

Lanterns and other supplies stored on the shelves in a corner. They seem right in place.

Other medical supplies and rations were stored in this backpack.

A bottle opener for good measure.

You Adventure buddies are surprised at the awesomeness of your ride.

The finished machine. It just shouts adventure. If I had this thing, I would go for a trip every weekend!

There are many foreseeable uses for this retrofitted van. It’s up to your imagination!