Here Are 17 Hacks To Make Your Home Safe From Burglars

American homes are vulnerable to burglars because of our outdated security systems and practices being followed by the average American. An American home falls prey to an attempted burglary every 13 seconds which is worrisome to say the least. Furthermore, what is disturbing that 88% of the offenders aren’t even well-trained. They are just desperate for money and terrified of getting caught, so they are very dangerous as a result. We engineers take pride in technology and the wonders it can bring to our house. Why not use it to bolster the defenses of your house?

Here are 17 simple ways to make your house safe from the average burglar:

1. Locks aren’t 100% secure.

You can use this lock to prevent deadbolts from getting picked.

2. Installing Motion detector lights.

They are your first line of defense often used in perimeter defenses. They can alert you to movement both inside and outside the house.

3. Making sure your Door Jam is reinforced.

Make sure that the screws are at least three inches long and replace them every ten years or so.

4. Patio doors are prone to breaking and entering too

You can use a product like the Door Guardian, which is super-easy to use and convenient to disengage each day when required.

5. Window and Door Alarms

They will scream loud sounds if any of these is opened.

6. This Unique door alarm will start making a lot of noises when someone enters your house and walks through doors

7. Your weak garage door should be reinforced with planks.

Have some two-by-fours ready along with some Plywood and brackets.

8. Get a small safe to protect your valuables.

Although armed robbers force you to give up the safe, we are less likely to be attacked by them.

9. Keep your keys in a lock box with combination outside the home.

10. Make your mailbox secure!

Tons of relevant documents are delivered via mail. Make it safe!

11. Always make sure who is at your door.

Install a wide-angle peephole. It is also a first line of defense.

12. Don’t leave your garage door key on your dashboard. Anybody who steals or rides your car can get into your home as well.

13. Physically lock your garage door when going away. It will make things difficult for the burglar as he won’t be able to get a car inside the garage to make his ordeal sneakier.

14. Beef up your door with reinforcements.

Most burglars use brute force to open your doors.

15. This security guard will slow down even the professional burglars allowing someone to raise the alarm.

16. Install CCTV cameras for video coverage. Catching local criminals can help you claim your stuff.

17. A complete digitally controlled security system is a small investment that can pay you back in the long run.

It is always better to be safe than sorry!