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Guys Create An Awesome Lounge Chair Out Of Cardboard. See This Step by Step Guide

Before you reject this DIY project right away, we implore you to look at it in detail and then come to a conclusion. The two guys involved in the project wanted to create a lounge chair, however, instead of building it with some other conventional material they decided to build it using cardboard. Check out the project and let us know what you think of it!

The project kicked off by them tracing a design by Erick Campbell.

Upon failure, they were given a computer image by the same designer that would allow them to use the right dimensions.

The graphic image of the design was projected onto a piece of cardboard on the wall.

The process made tracing quite easy and precise as well.

Once the pieces were cut out, the process of drilling holes began where the supports for the backrest would fix.

Time to begin the assembly

Cylinders created from cardboard were used to connect the sections of the chair.

You can see the resemblance with an actual chair.

The cylinders have been aligned so that weight is distributed equally.

Looks great, but something is missing.

These supports, created from cardboard, shall ensure that the chair remains upright.

Check out the finished product!

And, it doesn’t collapse.