16 Camera Hacks & Tricks For Taking Perfect Pictures

camera hacks

No matter what brand of DSLR camera we might purchase, we still require exceptional skill to take the perfect photograph. Even though we have all sorts of filters and image meddling software at our helm, it is still very useful to learn these physical tricks to take the right kind of picture according to the condition. So, here are 16 camera hacks that will help you in taking pictures in different photographic conditions and requirements:

1. Stylized Vintage photos using vaseline

camera hacks

camera hacks2

2. A DIY beanbag tripod. Learn to make it here.

camera hacks3

3. DIY Bokeh shapes

camera hacks4

camera hacks5

camera hacks6

4. DIY lens hood from coffee sleeves.

camera hacks7

5. DIY studio Style Snoot for lighting purposes

camera hacks8

6. Lentils for reducing the camera’s shakes

Ben Birchall - 07872653362
Credit> Ben Birchall

camera hacks10

7. Make a cool DIY Ringflash.

camera hacks11

8. Making Lightbox from paper and window

camera hacks13

9. Creating induced haze with a shopping bag

camera hacks16

10. DIY backdrops are seriously cool as well.

camera hacks17 camera hacks18

11. You can convert your phone into a shutter remote with the help of Trigger Tap.

camera hacks19

12. Make your own camera case for safe transportation.

camera hacks20

13. Waterproof camera bag.

camera hacks21

14. You can bounce the flash with the help of a business card.

camera hacks22

15. Make a light defuser from an empty milk carton.

camera hacks23

16. DIY macro lens from a toilet roll.

camera hacks24


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    I love it! Easy,simple and very useful informations!I’ll use a few of them for sure! 🙂

    Thank you!

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