Guy Converts This Old Car Engine Into A Stunning Coffee Table For His Living Room

DIY coffee table from engine block5

Old engines are a nuisance for us no matter how hard we work on them and spend money; their problems continue to irritate us on the road. With a million miles on the meter, I think it is fair to say that a complete overhaul would take more money than a new car with better engine so many times, it is in your interest to get rid of it and install a new one. But still, it is an aesthetic piece of mechanical engineering, and you wouldn’t want to get rid of it. How about you make something engineer-worthy out of it and test your DIY skills? This Redditor¬†found himself the owner of a 1974 Chevy Al Camino SS engine and a large part of its camshaft had been destroyed with only a small portion left behind.

He had another thought about the rusty engine block and sat down to work.

He took out four pistons and ground down their skirts so they could balance something on top.

DIY coffee table from engine block5

He took two-by-five lumber pieces and joined them together to create a good frame. Now you know what he’s up to! It’s an engineer’s coffee table.

DIY coffee table from engine block4

He then varnished them properly and sand-papered them smooth. An addition of plexiglass on top completes the functional DIY furniture.

DIY coffee table from engine block3

Carrying it into his living room was no mean feat as it probably weighed a hundred pounds. But he made it happen.

DIY coffee table from engine block2

Now that’s how a coffee table should actually look like!

DIY coffee table from engine block

It is a unique way to hold up the table using the pistons. And the engine block looks fabulous as hell. A must for all auto enthusiasts!

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