Your Bathroom Tiles Look Old And Need Replacement? Use This DIY For A New Look

Old tiles

The old battered tiles in your washroom are always dirty and seem to be covered with muck no matter how hard you scrub them or use any chemical.  Replacing them is a costly and lengthy endeavor which many of us don’t have the time or skill to do it. But now that even your grandmother is calling them old fashioned and dirty, its time you need to do something about it. You may want to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor but you can also do DIY.

Fortunately for you, a simpleDIY exists involving painting that will help you change the entire setting without stripping off the entire floor. Here it is:

This is the bathroom. Definitely holding on to the past for too long.


These faded tiles are very old and what can be said about these designs.


Here is the list of supplies you need for the makeover


Start deep cleaning the whole area and sandpaper everything down with waterproof 400-grit sandpaper.


After you are done with this, you need to take off your toiletries and remove the old caulking from the tiles.

Now you get to paint them. Use a sponge to go around the edges and then use a roller to go over everything at the end.


Allow it to dry and repeat if necessary but don’t waste too much paint.


Now let it set for three days before using it again. Your new white tiles are amazing, aren’t they?

Credits: Maude and Phillus

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