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20 Amazing Life Hacks That Girls Should Know

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For all the ladies around, this list of life hacks will be a true life saver. Not only will these hacks make your life easier, but you will be able to use your stuff more efficiently!
Following are 20 Genius life hacks that will make your life easier. Let us know your favourite hack in the comments section below

20. Give your keys identity

Apply nail paints on similar looking keys so that it becomes easy for you to recognize to which lock it belongs to.

19. Clean up your closet

Putting your hangers in a reverse position will make your wardrobe clean. So turn around hangers and make it tidy.

18. Caddies are really helpful, believe me


Try to use caddy for the storage purpose and organize your appliances.

17. Keep your shoes erect

A pool noodle will  help in keeping your shoes erect and upright.

16. Remove the bad odor from your shoes

Putting a small pack of baking soda in your shoes will remove the smell.

15. Remove a gum from your hair without cutting them

Use ice cubes to remove gum from your hair.

14. A straightener can iron your hems

Well a genius life hack I must say. You can not only straight your hairs but also your hem for the straightener.

13. Tie up your scarves with the hangers, it will be more organized.

Tying up your scarves will organize your closet and maximize the storage space.

12. A magnetic strip in your bathroom will help you a lot

A magnetic strip can hold your pins, tweezers and many other things.

11. Tuck you jeans neatly in boots

Wow.. The image says it all. Follow the illustrations and be trendy

10. Use shower curtain hooks for organizing purse

A shower curtain hook can organize your purse and bags.

9. Remove deodorant spray stains

Dryer sheets can help you in removing stains of deodorant

8. Wrap your shoes in a shower cap while travelling

When packing, shower caps are amazing for wrapping up your shoes.

7. Avoid tangled necklaces

Using a straw to put your necklace through the chain, No more tangled chains!

6. Use hangers to organize your long boots

Hangers can organize your long boots very nicely.

5. Chill up your wine

Use frozen grapes instead of ice cubes to make your wine chill a with out watering it down.

4. Magnet board stores your makeup accessories

Magnet board will help you in organizing your make up stuff.

3. Avoid bald spots

Use loose pony tails to prevent bald spots

2. Free up your fuzzy clothes

A pumice stone can help in remove fuzz from your clothes

1. Apply clear nail polish inside your rings

A clear nail polish inside your rings can avoid green stains on your fingers.