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Watch This Youtuber Punch Water So Hard That Light Comes Out

Welcome to an amazing video that comes from the YouTube user, The Thought Emporium. In this video, The Thought Emporium carries out an interesting demonstration. The user manages to trap a bubble using ultrasound and then forces it to expand so that it contracts suddenly and violently, becoming a flash of light.

The Thought Emporium – a YouTube user – shares an experiment with his audience that took him more than five years to complete. Ah yes, this is not for those who can’t commit to the cause. During the course of these five years, what he has achieved is astounding. The Thought Emporium calls it Punching Water So Hard LIGHT Comes Out. He also goes on to add that this was the ‘finest wizardry he had produced on the channel.’

The YouTube user says at the start of this particular YouTube video, ‘It involves some of the most interesting physics I have ever worked with and produces conditions that over the span of a fraction of a millisecond range from potentially minus 269 degrees to upwards of 10 000 degrees.’ So, how exactly did he carry out this amazing experiment? Our creative YouTube user relied on a flask of water and fixed an ultrasound transducer at the bottom of this flask.

He then tried to drive the transducer at the flask’s resident frequency. It was this particular task that proved to be the challenge actually. The Thought Emporium ended up spending five years, and multiple tries to achieve perfection for this decided approach to this project.

That is about as much as we will and can tell you about his unique experiment. For the rest of the details and to see the experiment actually take place, you will have to check out his video titles Punching Water So Hard LIGHT Comes Out that is given below. What are you waiting for? Go on, check out the video below, and do let us know what you think of it!