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Using Wood And Old Car Parts, Dad Makes The Best Bed Ever For His Daughter

A kid’s crib should be a creative and fun place for them. It is usually filled with the child’s favourite toys. However, over time the child outgrows it and moves to the bed. One dad decided to come up with something that was better than the ordinary and boring beds. He modelled a bed after VW bus for his 3 years old daughter. The bed comes with bumpers, headlights and even hubcaps. The project looks amazing and fun! Check it out in detail below.

Once he decided that it was going to be a VW bus bed he managed to get his hands on some free VW Super Beetle parts from Craigslist and started work!

The frame of the bus was used as half of a bunk bed.

The process began by dad affixing legs of the bed to make room for extra wood that would be used to impart the appropriate height to the frame.

He then set to work and built the frame of the bed with 2X4s.

These additions were made to the old VW bumper so that it could be attached to the amazing bed.

Addition of plywood panels took place as well!

Accessibility was provided by installing doors onto the sides of the bus.

Classic touch was achieved by incorporating classic hubcaps.

A fitting paint job to impart groovy touch to the bed!

He used orange and white color scheme.

Headlights were a must, of course!

Check out the amazing dashboard.

A hammock was also incorporated into the design so that his daughter could hang out!

Retro design being imparted!

Check out the amazing finished product!