WATCH: YouTuber Upgrades Classic VW Van With Tesla Parts And Goes All-Electric

For the lovers of all-electric cars and classic vehicles, combining them would be the ultimate dream.

YouTube video blogger Louis Cole of FunForLouis completed doing that by changing a vintage classic 50-year-old Volkswagen bus into an electric vehicle.

The awesome part? He managed to do all that with no previous skillset for similar projects.

This shows that you may manage to do it by viewing his video as well, given you have ample resources, time, and energy. Cole completed the whole conversion utilizing only Tesla parts, and he states he has never been more proud of an achievement.

The orange van happened to fall apart when Cole initially purchased it, which resulted in him intending to turn all-electric. As the video demonstrates, the procedure was not at all easy, and the van also caught fire once. Cole can be viewed as speeding to get rid of it with a fire extinguisher. However, it concluded to prove successful.

We are curious to know: is this the one and only Volkswagen all-electric vehicle out there with only Tesla parts, or are there more than one?

It happens to be the first of its kind, but we are hopeful that it will inspire other amateur mechanics to try and take on their own DIY electric van projects.

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