Volkswagen Beetle Was So Good That It Is Now Dead

beetle discontinued

Recently, Volkswagen declared that it would kill off the Beetle in July 2019 and there are no plans to replace it. The beetle is a remarkable car, and its re-retirement is also equally impressive. It is an automotive icon which came out of a not-so-loved model. VW stopped selling the classic Bettle in the US in 1997, and that was when the new design emerged. It was not as unusual as the classic one which had its engine setup at the back and luggage at the front. The new car had a front-wheel drive with its engine at the front and cargo space at the back like a regular 90s car.

The new Beetle was a little round in shape. Its exterior looked somewhat like the old Beetle and gave a nostalgic feeling. The engine in the new car was not impressive or a mighty one; however, it was good enough to keep its production coming in from 1997 to 2011. In 2012, the Beetle got a new design. It was the third generation’s iconic car and was meant to give the New Beetle a leaner and meaner look. When Beetle 2012 was tested, the team of Popular Mechanics said that VW has buffed up the Beetle’s cutesy image with a little machismo. They also noted that  “Volkswagen has shed the 1998 Beetle’s cutesy shell, replacing it with a stylish and aggressive design.”

The New Beetle 2012 was better than any other model of Beetle. It was a superior piece of technology. While every other car manufacturer was trying to make its car stylish, VW Beetle knew it didn’t need such efforts. The beetle was just fine in today’s world as well. People need cars which are just fine. Teenagers need to have a safe first car. Families need an affordable vehicle which can work for them. The Beetle was designed to be more different and less optimized. Its manufacturers didn’t put any effort to give it an aggressive look like other cars.

Hinrich Woebcken, head of VW Group of America, included a phrase in his statement, “never say never” and also gave an idea that the Beetle might return as an electric car. One of the VW’s most popular concept cars of the memory was the ID Buzz. It was an all-electric van which was inspired by the vintage looks of the iconic VW bus.

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