This Is Why Roll Cages Are Present In Race Cars

roll cages in opel astra

Modern race cars are required to have overbuilt roll cages in them, and most people wonder why it is even present in the vehicle. A video of a severe rally crash which wrecked an Opel Astra is an answer to why we need race cage in the car. The area in the vehicle which was protected by Opel remained safe in the crash. The wreck happened on the second stage of the Multia Rally, in Finland. Driver Kari Kallio and co-driver Markus Oksanen came downhill when their Opel Astra hatchback oversteered in the mid-corner. Kallio tried his best to save the car and overcorrected. This couldn’t stop the car from getting sucked into the ditch on the outside. The car rolled up several times before reaching a final stop.

roll cages in race cars

The car was destroyed. The back half of the cabin was caved in totally, however, the front half with roll cages held up. This saved Kallio and Oksanen from any serious injury. The creased corner of the car from where the cage starts was also safe in the impact. This is an excellent example to show how making investments on safety products can save your life one day. After all, there is nothing more important than you staying alive!


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