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7 Cool Things That Are Made Completely Out Of LEGO Blocks

Almost every one of us has played with LEGO at some point in our lives. Some of us have even made some really amazing LEGO creations, however, all of them are put to shame when you look at the following wonderfully engineered 7 LEGO creations. Check out the list and let us know what you think of these contraptions.

7. A V-8 Engine (That Runs)

Not only it looks like one, it can also crank out 1,500 rpms and features moving parts that include pistons and drive train. It has been created by Dutch LEGO enthusiast Barry Bosman. He used a total of 2,862 parts and invested 300 hours along with $400 into the project. It uses air for its working and was created by Bosman so that he would have something to take to LEGO events.

6. A Fully Functional 3D Printer

If you think that LEGO creations were limited to good for nothing mantle pieces, think again. This is a state of the art 3D printer that is capable of creating 3D objects using instructions from a computer. This gadget was built by Arthus Sacek and is capable of carving a block of floral foam into the required shape. The only piece of machine that is not made of LEGO is the small drill bit that is used for grinding the foam.

5. Massive Automated Assembly Lines

What you are looking at is a LEGO assembly line that is capable of sorting LEGO pieces and is made of LEGOs. It has been created by Chris Shepard and makes use of color and light sensors for differentiating between varying LEGOs that are put on the belt. The four arms can move in three directions and are driven by air for sorting out the block into the designated bins.

4. Functional Roller Coasters

Say hello to Adam Tucker who decided it was about time someone made a working model of roller coasters from LEGOs. The ride is on an infinite loop and never ends.

3. Guns (and Yes, They Really Shoot)

Remember the gun you used to make from LEGO? A long brick attached to a few smaller ones and making sounds like ‘pew pew’ to account for the firing, that no longer is the case for enthusiasts have made guns that can actually fire stuff. These guns, as expected, are made from LEGOs. For instance, check out the Gatling gun rubber band shooter. We have another LEGO replica of Heckler & Koch UMP 45 submachine gun that carries a 15-round magazine and fires bricks from the clip.

2. A Cloning Device

We even have LEGO replicator at our disposal nowadays. By making use of LEGO Mindstorm software, the contraption is capable of scanning LEGO cubes that have been created from various LEGO bricks and then creates the exact same cube. There’s another machine that is capable of scanning any object and then determines the kind of bricks required for building the object using LEGO.

1. A Robot That Solves a Rubik’s Cube in Seconds

This LEGO robot is capable of solving Rubik’s Cube in 5.35 seconds and this time includes the time it takes to analyze it while solving it. The robot is known as Cubestormer II and simultaneously analyzes the cube while solving it. It is linked to a Samsung Android phone and uses an app that has been written to interact with the LEGO NXT computer for solving the puzzle.