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Guy Devises A Fool-Proof Way To Destroy Data On A Hard Drive

Pic Credits: Youtube/ Tito4re

Who can even think of using the U.S. Department of Defense’s boring and bland recommendations and standards for formatting old drives, when you can wreck it using this method from YouTube channel Tito4re.  This technique has caught fire (literally) on the internet, so much so that a witty writer has given it the name of “Molten Copper Overwrite™”.

The name is apt as it bears utter destruction onto the hard disk, rendering it entirely useless and unreadable. Another good thing about this method is that at the end you have a very cool paper weight or a nice modern art-inspired showpiece. Whether you find it beautiful or not is entirely up to you, but one thing is for sure that no one ever again will be able to get access to the scorched ones and zeros on the disc.

What’s even better is that this method also works on all sorts of solid state drives; ranging from CDs, to magnetic tape to portable drives. So you can well and truly burn away the secrets of your career as a drug lord and those tax evasion schemes you have been hatching all these years, good for you!

*Seriously, this was a joke. Wonderful Engineering bears no responsibility for this action.



Have any other “cool” ways to destroy a hard disk, or anything for that matter (destruction is a must)?

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