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17 Awesome Life Hacks That Will Remove The Monotony In Your Life

Life is a blessing not a burden, so just relax and follow these amazing 17 life hacks which are real life cheat codes as well. They are sure to make your life smooth.

17. Make your razor last longer

Applying baby oil on your razor makes it last longer.

16. No more brain freeze

Pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth harder helps a lot if you get a brain freeze, especially while eating ice cream.

15. Place your things in your shoes

You will never forget to take along anything while leaving home, if you place important things into your shoes or besides your shoes.

14. Ice-cube trays are amazing holders

You can use ice-cube tray to hold all the tiny things like screws and nuts when dis-assembled.

13. Want to sneak out ? Then try this

Walking on the sides of the stairs makes less squeaky sounds. It helps if you don’t want to wake anybody at home.

12. A coke can be your toilet cleaning supply

20 Oz of coke into your commode will clean it as perfectly as your ordinary toilet cleaner does.

11. Baby wipes in the washroom changes the odor

If you place baby wipes in the washrooms, you can get rid of bad odour.

10. Does your shoe smell bad or your feet?

If your shoe smells bad because of your feet then treat your feet, not the shoe.

09. Want to avoid solicitor? Try this

If you are receiving calls from a solicitor, simply press 9. The call will be dropped and your phone number is then put on the companies “do not call list.”

08. Enjoy some free food

Try to visit free workshops offered at your university because most of them provide free refreshments.

07. Judge whether someone is interested in your conversations

When you’re talking to someone and can’t tell if they are interested in the conversation then cross your arms. If they cross theirs as well, they are truly listening. Aren’t mind games amazing?

06. If you can’t tell whether the baby is a girl or a boy, we have a solution./

All you need to do is to ask the baby “What’s your name?” And the parent will answer and you will know.

05. Taking picture of information board

Taking pictures of information board will  save your time as you will not have to go again to that place for consuming information.

04. Useful YouTube tips

If you want to watch the video frame by frame, pause the video and use J or L to go backward or forward respectively.

03. Don’t stick your beer with the napkin coasters

Sprinkling salt on the napkin coaster will not let your beer stick to it.

02. Use food wraps for measuring sticky food items

If you want no mess while measuring sticky ingredients then use this food wrap trick.

01. No plunger in the bathroom? Here is a trick

If you are at someone’s home or office’s toilet and no plunge is available then dump a liquid hand wash and flush again. Your problem will be solved.