iPhone 6 Could Be World’s Thinnest Phone To Date

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Ever since Apple surprised people with the super-thin iPad Air last year, there have been rumors that the company is working on an equally slim version of the iPhone.


There are two well-thought concepts of the iPhone 6 which have emerged which feature large screens similar to those of the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. The first concept is called the “iPhone Air” and is 4.5 mm thick throughout, while the second concept is 1.5 mm thick at the top and 3 mm thick at the bottom. These concepts put the iPhone through a pretty intense diet, since the iPhone 5S has a thickness of 7.6 mm, while the iPad Air has a depth of 7.5 mm.

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The record holder for the slimmest phone until August of last year was the Huawei Ascend P6 with a thickness of 6.18 mm. This record was broken by the Vivo X3 which is just 5.75 mm thick.

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The concept by Fuse Chicken eliminates the home screen and maintains the height and width of the current iPhone while making the screen larger. On the other hand, SET Solution’s concept appears taller than the concept by Fuse Chicken by keeping the home button. This concept is also thicker at the bottom than at the top.

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It was believed that Apple would introduce a screen larger than the 4-inch screen it was using with the release of the iPhone 5S. But CEO Tim Cook said that Apple had not increased the size because smaller screens were easier to use and made the phone easier to handle. But with rival companies such as Samsung, HTC and Nokia introducing phones with screens in the 5-inch region, Apple may have to rethink its previous claim. It seems that the best solution for a slim phone with a screen that is both large and usable would be to make the phone out of a flexible foldable material. Whatever it may be, if Apple could meet expectations that these concepts have put forth, it can pave the way to a technological revolution.

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