The PhoneSoap Charger Charges And Kills Bacteria On Your Phone Simultaneously


fgks-hero-phonesoapWe all know how the smartphone has become a necessity of our life. Nowadays, it works as our camera, our cell-phone, mp3 player and even as a gaming console. Therefore, it is natural to expect them to breed bacteria and since they are warm because of processor heat,  they are ideal breeding grounds. The smartphone is touched, talked into, passed around and what not. The ‘Which’ magazine from UK reported that the smartphones carry about 18 times more bacteria as compared to toilet seats! So, owing to this reason, we have a new gadget which will allow you to sanitize your cell phone while charging it. Hence, minimizing the bacteria problem. The gadget is known as PhoneSoap Charger and employs UV light to achieve phone sanitization.

phonesoap-chargerThe gadget comes from two cousins; Wesley LaPorte and Dan Barnes who have, as expected, raised quite a funding at Kickstarter and have developed and brought into market the gadget which as per them is ‘a small box that simultaneously charges and sanitizes your cell phone.’

The gadget needs to be plugged into a socket and comes with USB port in its interior where one can connect his/her cell phone by employing a charging cable. The lid is closed and two UV lights are lit inside which as per claims, are able to kill off about 99.9% of bacteria and germs in under 5 minutes.

PHONESOAP-CHARGER-MAINThe indicator light will let the users know when the charging has been completed and if you are worried about missing notifications and alarms that has been taken into consideration already. The gadget comes with acoustic outlets which are there to ensure that you do not miss any alarm or notification. The charger can work with devices that have the max dimensions of 153x95x20 mm.

PHONESOAP-CHARGER-opened-upSo if you are tired of using wipes to clean your cell phone, then the PhoneSoap Charger is the ideal solution for you and it is available with a price tag of $49.95. You can get one here

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