New SaveOneLife Landmine Detector Is Worn In The Shoe And Will Save Million Of Lives


While we are usually talking about new inventions in terms of how cool it is or how awesomely weird it looks like, every now and then we are amazed by an invention which is practically useful. One that is capable of more than just amusing us and today’s post is about such gadget which will be used to save lives.
saveonelife1 Before we talk about the gadget, let’s talk about Colombian landmines which are the cause of deaths of above 10,000 persons since 1990. The problem with landmines is that removing them requires many sacrifices and is not an easy task. However, unless and until they are removed, they pose a life threat to everyone since they might go off anytime and claim many lives. This is where Bogota design Firm Lemur Studio comes in with their proposed solution for those who reside in Colombia and have to navigate through these landmines.

saveonelife 3This endeavor was initiated to protect lives from the clutches of landmines and the end product is a mine detector which can be fitted inside your shoe. The detector is made up of a tiny coil built from printed conductive material that is capable of producing an electromagnetic field. This field is able to interact with the field created by other pieces of metal and the gadget sends a danger signal to a smart wristband if a landmine is nearby. The red dots on the wrist band denote mines where as green concentric circles are denoting the land around the user. What the user needs to do is to avoid the red dots and they will be safe. The gadget is called SaveOneLife.

Lemur’s creative director, Iván Pérez, said; ‘The device was created with the goal of saving a life, hence the name, first by the families of the victims and second for the cost effects of military forces by the loss of his men in combat.’

The idea is still a concept as of now but it sure is feasible enough to take off soon. Fingers Crossed!Saveonelife 2l off and will make it possible to save lives in areas where landmines are an issue. A job well done, indeed!



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