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Hyundai Is Working On A Crab-Walking Car – And It Is Now Another Step Closer To Reality

The evolution of the automotive industry is always flaring and radiating in an ineffable universe. Let’s talk about the latest innovation in the automotive industry, which has opened the doors to new adventures and thrills for car enthusiasts. New Horizon Studio, based in Montana, U.S., has recently stepped into Hyundai’s projected idea of a “walking car” by taking an initiative and introducing a state-of-the-art development center with a value of $20 million, which would ultimately help to speed up the manufacturing process of this studious car. This magnanimous car is presented with a Star Wars-like theme in which it will transform itself into the shape of a crab whenever it happens to pass over terrain or high obstacle areas. The model presented by Hyundai seeks to identify the challenging situations and devise an immediate solution to address them.

The concept of “Ultimately Mobile Vehicles (UMV),” which means having a car with legs, would be taken into consideration by the New Horizon Studio for its development and modification phases. This concept envisages separate legs for each of the four wheels for the passengers to cross the terrain and mountainous areas with ease, and this is termed the “Elevation model.” According to Hyundai, “NHS Bozeman is an estimated $20 million investment in Hyundai’s Progress for Humanity vision, redefining transportation with accessible, sustainable, and smart mobility solutions.” The all-new facility will serve as NHS headquarters and will support prototyping, field testing, and application development for UMVs.”

NHS can also work closely with Montana State University (MSU) to utilize the exceptional facilities and experience the development process with the top-rated professors and get their models tested and analyzed by them as well. Dr. John Suh, the Vice-President of Hyundai Motor Group, said, “Montana is quickly becoming a hub for high-tech companies and entrepreneurs with a growing talent pool of skilled labor in the fields of engineering, research, and natural science.” Bozeman is a thriving and economically micropolitan city. “Nestled near dozens of off-road trails with more than 150 miles of terrain and mountain access for UMV testing, it’s the perfect fit for our new R & D Lab.”

However, these four robotic legs have freedom of up to five degrees and can still be driven at very high speeds. The car is flexible and works on the principle of an electric actuator system. Also, as this is an electric vehicle, the battery used is highly efficient and sustainable. Apart from this crab-walking car, Hyundai recently introduced a taxi as well that can pick up passengers by climbing the stairs.

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