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Police In Brazil Arrest Father And Son For Fabricating Fake Ferraris And Lamborghinis

Brazilian police have claimed that it shut down a clandestine factory that was manufacturing fake Ferraris and sham Lamborghinis. A father and son owned the workshop in the southern state of Santa Catarina.

The duo has been arrested on industrial property charges. According to the Brazilian police, the cars were being offered on social media for a price range of $45,000 to $60,000. Anyone who knows about cars can tell that this is just a fraction of the cost of an actual Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Officials have not given any details about the kind of parts that were being utilized for the manufacturing of these vehicles. However, they have shared pictures that show the sleek bodies along with the badges and accessories that have been emblazoned with the Italian brands. Eight partially completed vehicles were seized during the raid on Monday that was conducted because of a complaint by the Italian companies.