This Is What Happens When Japanese Yakuza Decide To Customize Lamborghinis

Japan Lamborghini 2

There are all sorts of cars out there; cheap cars, economic cars, expensive cars and outrageously expensive cars. You can categorize Lamborghini without our help in these categories, can’t you? Owning one of the Lamborghini cars is quite a status symbol if you know what we mean. However, apparently, just owning a Lamborghini was not enough for the Japanese Yakuza and they decided to modify them and have done such a spectacular job that your jaw will drop!Japan Lamborghini 3

Oh wait, was that The Japanese Yakuza we mentioned? Yes, it is the same Yakuza that is also known as an organized crime unit in Japan and are symbolized by gatherings of show-off kind, expensive and roaring motorcycles and other vehicles. However, a simple look into the streets of Japan now suggests that Lamborghini is the new standard that has been set.

Japanese lamborghini


Yakuza Lamgorghini


Yakuza lamborghini diablo

Japan Lamborghini 4


Japanese Yakuza Lamborghini


Although Yakuza is secretive about its more ‘intimate’ operations, they are quite open when it comes to showing off their customized Lamborghinis. We used to think that Lamborghini is the perfect car and there is really not much that you can achieve by customizing it, dear could we ever be more wrong? These cars are wrapped in vinyl, LEDs and lights that are flashy. These wrappings literally cover the entire car and the result is just mesmerizing. Japan LamborghiniThis peculiar Lamborghini you’re looking at is owned by Morohoshi San who is a member of the Yakuza and had his Lamborghini covered in a holographic vinyl film. Check out the youtube video below for more:

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