This Guy Covered His Car With Putty. What Happened Next Will Blow You Away


If you have imagination and some expanding foam, you can turn your old beaten car into a striking glamorous vehicle, like this guy from Lithuania did.

We share with you the picture story of his ingenious venture.


It started with a scrap looking Mercedes CLK class.



The car seemed good for nothing.


He started covering the body with expandable foam.


It looked like disaster, but the guy held faith.

Carving time! He carved out the foam with his artistic hands.


The result might frighten you but the Lithuanian man could see what we might not at this stage.


Some significant improvement.



Still a long way to go!


He detailed the exteriors with his artistic vision.


Not done yet!






Ofcourse, real cars have curves!




Headlights were a must.


We are beginning to like it.






Playing with the ingredients a bit.


Some crazy secret ingredients.


Interiors are specifically important.


After all, a car is your second home.


It looks a majestic mess.


Details, details, details!


Some serious awesomeness just boomed.



The artist’s toil shines through this car.


A coat of luster.


How can one not notice these sparkling rims?


The exotic final look.



So, that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you transform backyard junk into a glamorous vehicle.

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  1. Brian Lee Reply

    This is when creativity meets modern engineering and wonders happen. With such simplicity the guy carves out the cars body, foam is a very good option for this. Because it has the density to hold and on a plus side the car will not hurt a civilian even if it collides with one.

  2. Peter Taylor Reply

    In the UK that would need to be re-registered and if you answered ‘no’ to ‘has this vehicle been modified?’ the insurance would be invalid. If you answered ‘yes’, it would need a very thorough and very expensive engineer’s report before it could be used on a public road.

    • whatsup Reply

      that is incorrect. It does not need to be re-registered as the main chassis has not been altered merely the outside bodywork. no different to changing a bumper. Many kit car manufacturers offer re-bodies that do not require engineers reports.

  3. gabby Reply

    That car is reall ofcours that man did put a lot of effort in to that car to make it look amazing. He even design all the bits that he could use to make a reall car and putt all the details together. People if u dont understand look at this car is a lot different than it was before is because that this guy tried to put a lot of effort to make it look like niceband reall.

  4. Spurry Reply

    Polyurethane foam is great for motor vehicle modification(s) i.e adding more body behind bodykits, hole filling/rust prevention, its very light weight, pretty strong when cured and provides a semi rigid foundation to build from/or add to, another good thing about foam filler is how sticky it is, if it touches something and cures it’s on to stay and gonna take some right getting off.. get it on ya clothes = they are fcuked.. can be rather messy and best to use disposable gloves when using the stuff, can be removed of some surfaces with Acetone (Nail Polish Remover) before it cures itself and sets solid. Polyurethane expanding foam filler is definitely in my top 5 of top tools/products list, great stuff! 😀

  5. Callum Reply

    I bet if you squeezed it hard enough in your hand the bodywork would crumble

  6. pg Reply

    Nice effort. But that grille is SO hideous, it ruins the entire thing.

    On a side note – Hey UMAY SALMA, can we PLEASE stop with the hyperbolic headlines? NO… this is NOT going to “blow your mind.”

  7. james Reply

    pic 17 has the red one in the back ground, someone is trying to pull our leg here

  8. Kiyoko Mori Reply

    A for effort and A+ for skills, but man that front end is just horrid. Looks like something a little kid would draw on a car.

  9. Regina Bo$$ Reply

    He’s faking because in picture # 23 there are not stick shifts and then in picture # 27 There are diamond stick shifts and there’s another car in the back-round, If you go back to picture 23 there is no car any where else to be found!! He’s a fraud! Also his car isn’t red. They went to a body shop (i think it was a body shop) found a same car but a different color and took a picture!! The proof is right there Because there are now 2 more cars in the back-round. There

    • anthony Reply

      amazing!!! and to regina boss, the picture’s were taken hour’s maybe day’s apart. that is why the background differ you silly girl. i am entirely sure he did all the work and it is amazing. my only worry is how sturdy is the body. will it fall apart when it has a fender bender. i mean after all it is a foam body. and one more thing. how does the engine perform? does it go as fast as it look’s? hmm… pretty neat anyway.

    • JJ Reply

      Thank god Regina does not practice law. Your “Proof” is severely lacking. First and foremost as another respondent stated this is hardly a job that was completed in mere hours so obviously the background would change. The missing shifter was obviously removed (Simply by unscrewing the shifting rod) to prevent it from getting messed up during the project. Should we also assume since the steering wheel is missing in a few photo’s that that too is a “Fraud”? The showroom pictures will obviously have cars in the background where his workshop may not. You may want to stick with doing your nails because project critiquing and investigation surely isn’t your thang. Just sayin.

    • Jalil al-Hamza Reply

      Sorry but nothing you’ve pointed out says that this man is a fraud. In fact, going back to the pictures you mentioned, it only reinforced for me that it is in fact the same care. The stick shifts he put in are for esthetics, just like everything he put on the car. He never changed the engine or anything else, nothing on that care is what it appears to be and form isn’t function here, it’s just art. The cars that you said were in the background are simply cars in the background, what are you trying to accuse him of there? I don’t really get why people like you come around trying to poke holes in other people’s achievements, kind of makes me believe that only underachievers do that. P.S., look at the front air vents, they are the exact same, in all the images they appear in, even in the one you claim isn’t his car, oh, also, why would he take pictures in a body shop and then park that same car outside and take another picture of it?…. sigh.

    • Ursoopid Reply

      Really have u never worked on a car? He removed the shift assembly covered up the ports and did the inside. Replaced the assembly and added a Dimond shifter.

    • Paige Reply

      You’re stupid, the photos are obviously taken at different times, and the Stick Shift could of been installed. This is most likely not fake, anyway the reasons you shared with us make no since what so ever.

  10. Sm Reply

    Try proof reading your next article… “Crave” and “carve” are 2 different things. And “ofcourse” is 2 words. Sad day in journalism!

  11. Nuptup Reply

    This car name is Excalibur. The builder are from Lithuania my home city Kaunas. I often saw this beast. Btw he selled his machine and thinking of building new one 🙂

    • gbrecke Reply

      Amazing work! why can’t others give credit where it is due? This guy Styled a better looking car than anything several auto builders EVER made…Hat’s off from Seattle!

  12. phanimohan Reply

    The Scrap is gold to make Mindblow of Porsche BMW and Merc… after all… Hats off…

  13. Ivan Benic Reply

    The design is so far left field it is almost horrendous . but he got what he wanted .. now lets turn the effort into some money ..I have been using foam for 30 years to get a design started but would never allude that we can paint a chunk of foam and drive it . High density maybe to shows only .. Once the steel starts to sweat iot will be turning to rust puppy just like moms Dodge mini van that is full of foam for sound deadening so they say

  14. Faried Swartz Reply

    It seems that this guy has made more than one of this car,because the finished car can be seen in the background of a picture of the unfinished one. Great looking car.

  15. Steve Reply

    Very nice Well impressed, I wish I could add photos but this way of thinking with expanding foam is old school my mate done it to he’s mini thirty years ago, he taped bin bags to he’s wheel arches in poured the foam in then re shaped them after.

  16. seon Reply

    Lets give jack his jacket, that car is awesome and its a job well done, how many of you critics ever take time to build something from nothing, sit on ur ass n call a man’s beautiful work of art ugly and you don’t have shit to show the world what you’ve done to make an positive impact . Good job man!

    • Ian Macwilliam Reply

      The car looks awesome. Forget about everything else. From what he had to what he ended up with is a work of art. My only concern if used on the road is how would it react in an accident. But anyway for what he achieved my hats off good work .

  17. Suraj Reply

    Awesome thinking…. But this car is less durable.. putty has effect of heat and may get cracked after 1 or 2 yrs

  18. Alex Reply

    Is it real ?

    To me looked mostly fake….
    The car would be been heavy like crazy and that would result in it not working properly.
    What will happen to this car during the rainy season ?

  19. alex austin Reply

    absolutely awesome .and the auto manufactures haven’t hired him to showcase new curves and concepts because…….

  20. cameron Reply

    Not trying to hate on this guy or anything but the car on the rooftop kinda looks identical to the finished produc. Maybe im wrong but oh well

  21. nate Reply

    This guy is amazing and the car is awesome! ! He is one of the only people on earth capable of doing something this amazing and to stick to it simply remarkable

  22. Krys Reply

    Seems i’m not the only one who thinks this thing sis ugly as fU€k, but kudos on patience and skills. Just lacks good design. Still, nicely done

  23. brian Reply

    I’d be impressed if it ran on solar power or gave you a rap around but this is stupid and it’s ugly

  24. Will.OB.T Reply

    Great craftsmanship but, the end result is a very ugly car. I mean… Is this why Brad and Angelina adopted? All the ingredients to make a wonderful child but it might turn out like this.

  25. Mick Stevens Reply

    With the original hinges where they are the doors would not be able to open,

  26. eine_liebe Reply

    he used bondo and fiber glass after sculpting the foam to make it more rigid

  27. Josh Reply

    This is hideous. The starting car was a CL not a CLK. It would have a 5L V8 engine or bigger. But it wouldn’t be going any where fast with those huge tacky wheels and the masses of foam and filler.

    • k h Reply

      Yea i dont thinl he cares about speed dude. Not everyone is a race car driver like you. Also if you knew anything about 8’s which you sound more of the import kind judged by the post you left so you wouldnt deal with v8s in that world very much you would know a v8 anything would get them wheels spinning given its in better shape then the car started out with. Also that foam weighs virtually nothing even with the bondo it would add up to much. 25% of the overall weight if your luck.

  28. Ryan Reply

    And at the end of the day you still have a slow car that just looks fast.

  29. david Reply

    Yeah right, we can all find a scrap mercedes with 30 inch wide rims layin around lol

  30. Meh Reply

    Sooo, basically this guy made a highly flammable car?…..good for him. In all seriousness it looks great though, must have taken forever.

  31. Andrewm Reply

    Urethane foam is extremely flammable. Horrible idea for a car. Do not try this.

  32. Vinodh Reply

    What if the car is exposed to rain ?…. ALL PUTTY WILL START TO BECOME A SOLUTION!!! 😀

  33. Sriharsh Biswal Reply

    I found this blog through Facebook (someone posted it). After reading, I of course clicked Like and also shared it myself. More power to you.

    • Ganesh Thirugnanam Reply

      It will best suit for conceptual model cars but sure wont fit for hard and rash ruthless Indian driving style

  34. Kingston Reply

    Nice work. I dont like the front end, specially the grill. Rear end looks perfect.

    • Paisley Pirate Reply

      It’s a 2 part, expanding urethane foam. Available just about anywhere.

      There are other write-ups about this guy and his car building around the web. While I don’t like the grille and wheels, I still want to give him props for building his dream. Pretty amazing.

      • khaled Reply

        yes me either find the rims and the Mercedes Maybach grill looks so villager …
        but i admire the man’s patience and art in sculpting a new design and interior using low cost materials and lots of time and patience
        i also like some design clues like that horizontal line above the grill in front end extended to the sides streamlined while growing wider and wider and i like the rear end and back lights it looks like those in Alfa Romeo Beautiful C8 and old Maserati cars
        panel gaps are some how acceptable for hand sculpted
        the interior is not unique but looks fine and classic comfort
        while the rims are so stupid and looks like it belongs to a Hummer H3 truck
        good craftsmanship

        • Sreekumar

          really u r right…………….. the interior sculpture is amazing……………………

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