This Classic Limousine Can Make Your Wedding Memorable

limo artwork

Limo has become a status symbol as many brides want it to be their ride to the church. But, the majority of the above mentioned limos are the conventional plain ones with ribbons and flowers tied to them. The limo we are talking about today is not only unique, but also stylish.

wedding limousine

wedding limoThe interesting thing about this limo is that it somehow resembles a medieval carriage. I am not sure that manufacturers intentionally give it that look or it has pulled it off randomly. However, it sort of gives an incredibly cool outlook to the limo.

limo outlookThe funny thing about this modish limo is that it can easily be differentiated and distinguished among traffic mobs because of its unique design. Its design has left us wondering whether the makers would also build something for the funerals.

limo doorThe problem that most of the brides face is that they find it extremely tough to get in and out of the limo with the wedding dress on. This limo makes it easier for the brides to get in and out because of the door being open from the roof to the floor.

limo artworkThe wedding limo comes with the brilliant artwork, which gives you an impression of living in a fairy tale. Lanterns hanging down from the front and back give a classic outlook.

limo style

limo interiorThe interior of the limo is as beautiful as its exterior. The presence of a mini bar provides luxury to the newly wed couple of having their first drink together as a married couple.  The floor of the limo has a mirror with blue fluorescent lights giving it a romantic touch.  This whole concept is marvelous and seems mesmerizing to those watching from the outside.


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