This Hydrogen-Powered Carcopter Is Like A Star Wars Podracer In Real Life

The classic podracing sequence from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace might be familiar to you. Similar things could occur in our daily lives as well.

Recently, a new flying race car concept that resembles the podracers from the Star Wars universe has begun to emerge. At the 2022 CES, Maca Flight, a French startup, unveiled a new hydrogen-powered flying racecar design.

The car is known as the Maca S11. This hydrogen-powered car or carcopter combination is built for speed, safety, and environmental sustainability. This eVTOL, which costs over USD 900,000, will debut in 2023. This week, the guests who visited the company’s exhibit at CES participated in an AR race. 

For instance, something goes wrong, the full-sized production model will be capable of reaching 155mph and will have space for a single pilot, which various AI-powered collision avoidance mechanisms will protect. Three duo-rotors and six electric motors, all running on hydrogen and producing 268 horsepower, provide the propulsion. Later this year, Maca hopes to have working prototypes flying.

“While most companies are relying on electricity or traditional fossil fuel to power their vehicles, Maca deploys clean-burning hydrogen-based fuel cells, which allows for longer flight times and green energy sustainability,” said Thierry de Boisvilliers, Maca CEO.

“The ultimate objective is for MACA to deliver what we have all anticipated for well over half a century… the creation of a realistic flying vehicle answer to urban congestion,” he added.

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